DVD Review: Duck Dynasty – Season One

I have to admit this show is pretty amusing. The whole concept of backwoods duck hunting hillbillies juxtaposed against a million-dollar corporation complete with a CEO, stunningly hot wives, and a lot of expensive things is reminiscent of a 1960s TV series by Paul Henning (see Green Acres or The Beverly Hillbillies as reference material).

Duck Dynasty is a glimpse into a world few ever get to see: what happens when the poor suddenly make it rich using a device they invented and have used for decades? Well, it’s a lot of comic lunacy and insanity that makes for great “reality” TV, that’s for sure!

Son, and CEO, Willie Robertson has his hands full dealing with a multi-million dollar family owned and operated duck call making company, Duck Commander, and his dyed-in-the-wool backwoods kin who would prefer duck and frog huntin’ to a regular day’s work.

It’s an uphill battle at times for poor Willie, as he must contend with his wacky family and the demands of running an ever-growing business. Will he be able to keep the customers and his family happy without losing his sanity or his personal identity? You kind of hope he at least loses his sanity at one point just to heighten the entertainment.

Duck Dynasty is a fun series that is a unique look at the American entrepreneur. And while they may be anything but your typical image of the self-made millionaire, they certainly are a fun and at times hilarious clan to watch.

Duck Dynasty is available NOW on DVD!

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