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How violent, deadly, and twisted are the Mexican drug cartels? In his latest film, Savages, Academy Award winning director Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killers, Wall Street, W.) delivers a gripping and intense story that answers that very question. The world of the cartels isn’t just about money and drugs, it’s about power, control, and domination by any means necessary.

So, when two SoCal pot dealers and best friends pique the interest of the Mexican Baja Cartel, it’s all they can do to stay afloat surrounded by the brutality, destruction, and violence that follow in the cartel’s wake. It’s only a matter of time before these two entrepreneurs find themselves involved in a game they can’t comprehend, with stakes higher than they ever expected to face.

Savages is a very intense, very violent, and often very sexy thrill ride that has all the earmarks of being an Oliver Stone film. Fans of his work will definitely enjoy this fast-paced, off-beat, and oftentimes very funny commentary on the drug trade. Newcomers to Stone’s style are in for a crazy-good time that may warrant multiple viewings.

Both the Blu-ray/DVD/Ultraviolet Combo Pack and DVD include a variety of special features, the most being part of the Blu-ray edition, which includes:

Feature Commentary with Director Oliver Stone (both versions)

Feature Commentary with Producers Moriatz Borman and Eric Kopleoff; Co-Screenwriter/Novelist Don Winslow; Executive Producer/Co-Screenwriter Shane Salerno; and Production Designer Tomas Voth (both versions)

Stone Cold Savages” five-part Featurette (Blu-ray only)

Deleted Scenes (Blu-ray only)

With an amazing cast that includes John Travolta, Benicio del Toro, Selma Hayek, Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, and Taylor Kitsch, and based on the viscerally charged novel by Don Winslow, Savages is a brutally violent, suspenseful, and in-you-face drug crime- thriller that is definitely worth a look!

Check out the video below!

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