10 Things You Don’t Know About… – DVD Review

I loved this show! 10 Things You Don’t Know About… is a fascinating journey into facts and information that few know about some of the worlds most well-known people, events, and organizations. We all think we know the truth, the facts, and the behind-the-scenes reality of historic figures, but do we really know everything there is to know about them?

Nope! I certainly didn’t know a majority of the things presented in this series about people that are referenced and known by most people throughout the world. It’s the things that we don’t know that can sometimes shed light on who these people really were and inform us about why they thought and made decisions the way they did. Truly fascinating.

So, what’s profiled in this set of episodes? How about intriguing information about Abraham Lincoln; The Roosevelts; Benjamin Franklin; J. Edgar Hoover; John F. Kennedy; The OK Corral; Adolf Hitler; George S. Patton; Pablo Escobar; Caligula; and The Rat Pack. There’s lots of great stuff here and plenty that you probably didn’t know before watching!

Hosted by history professor and historian David Eisenbach, this series on H2 is definitely entertaining and educational, which makes sense since it’s part of the History Channel line-up.

10 Things You Don’t Know About… is available NOW on DVD!

What historical figure, event, or organization would you like to learn more about? Leave a comment and let us know!

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