IRT Deadliest Roads: Season Two, The Andes – DVD Review

Get ready to white-knuckle it on some of the most dangerous roads in South America! This job isn’t for the faint of heart, and it definitely isn’t for those afraid of heights, deadly situations, and the possibility of facing one’s own mortality. Welcome to the Andes and some of the worst/deadliest roads in the world.

Three teams travel Boliva’s infamous Death Road (cute name) and other highways to deliver supplies to construction sites and villages. With rock slides, waterfalls, and treacherous drop-offs, as well as eroding sections of dirt road, these drivers have to muster all their courage and skills as truckers to complete their mission and get back alive.

It’s a definite adrenaline rush watching these men and a woman take on these stretches of road, and there’s plenty of immediate danger, injury, and death if one false move is made.

Along with the 13 eps, you also get bonus footage not used on the show. For the ultimate in intense, death-defying driving on some of the worst roads in the world, check out IRT Deadliest Roads: Season Two, The Andes on DVD July 17, 2012!

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