StuffWeLike @ E3: Hokra

Sometimes basic is better. That is definitely the case with Hokra, a fun four-player game from Indie Cade developed by Ramiro Corbetta. What is Hokra? It’s a minimalist soccer-type game where two teams (two purple squares, two green squares) battle it out to keep control of a “ball” and get it into the squares of the team’s color.

There’s plenty of passing and running involved, and what at first looks simplistic is actually a pretty complex game that is a whole lot of fun to play. I certainly had a great time playing it with various groups of people while at E3.

While it’s not out on the market yet, Hokra can be played at games festivals around the country, including E3. Check out the basic gameplay in the video below.

Hokra Trailer from Ramiro Corbetta on Vimeo.

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