Dog the Bounty Hunter: Taking it to the Streets – DVD Review

The hair. The clothes. The ‘tude. There’s only one Dog the Bounty Hunter. And while the series may no longer be in production (it was recently cancelled), there’s over eight seasons of Dog the Bounty Hunter to remind us that scum can run, but they can’t hide from Dog and his team.

This particular volume, Taking it to the Streets, includes four episodes of the series; two hour-long eps and two half-hour. Each one is packed with tense searching action as the team run down leads, interview family members, and even get into it with the locals (the paralyzed guy on the ATV is an interesting character, for sure!).

I like Dog because he’s a no nonsense guy who prays before a hunt, and then curses up a storm as he gets closer to and finally captures his prey. And his wife Beth definitely has a mouth on her, too! It would totally be worthwhile having the series being released uncensored just to hear all the four-letter words fly freely. That would definitely be worth watching!

It may not be a glamorous job, but somebody’s got to do it, and Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family team are up to the task no matter how seemingly elusive their target seems to be.

Check out Dog the Bounty Hunter: Taking it to the Streets on DVD now!

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