realMYST for iPad is Here!



The classic, point-and-click adventure masterpiece, MYST, has been revamped and released for the iPad 2 and new iPad! Released originally in 1993 by Cyan Worlds, MYST took the gaming market by storm, becoming the best selling computer game until 2002 when the title was claimed by The Sims.  Cyan later developed a real-time 3D version entitled realMYST published by Hasbro Interactive in 2000.   The goal was to create a more life-like, free-roaming environment with weather and day cycles.  Due to the limits of 2000’s technology, the result was intriguing but it still did not compare to the older pre-rendered graphics of the original.  Now 19 years since the first edition of MYST and 12 since realMYST, Cyan is proud to announce the release of realMYST for the iPad 2.  With triumphant graphics and the relaxed touch-screen controls of the iPad, realMYST for iOS brings you an experience even more real than before, the way Cyan Worlds originally conceived.  Buy realMYST from the App Store on sale now for only $6.99! (Regularly $9.99)

Author: Robert Barnett

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