The Presidents: 2012 Edition – DVD Review

What U.S. President died after just 31 days in office? Which is considered the worst President in U.S. history? Take a closer look at the men who have been elected Commander-in-Chief of the United States with The Presidents from The History Channel. This fascinating documentary series is a biographical tour de force that spans over 200 years of our nation’s history.

What I found most interesting about theses educational specials was the minute things that I had never heard about before or even considered about these men who have held the highest office in the land. From Washington to Obama, each man has faced trials, struggles, stresses, and opposition that have tested their mettle and showed just how effective a leader they truly are.

And if you think our current political climate is a festering cesspool of lies, deceit, hypocrisy, and hate, just know that it all comes out of a 200+ year tradition that has been a part of American politics since the beginning. While some leaders of this nation have run unopposed for their second term since they were so well liked, others have face vicious mudslinging campaigns that rival what we see today. And they didn’t even have radio or TV when certain campaigns took place.

Through wars, political unrest, riots, natural disasters, economic fallout, and a myriad other issues, our nation’s main man has had a lot of deal with; and their legacies have been defined by their greatest achievements, but also their biggest blunders. Despite the odds, these leaders have continued to move this country forward and helped make it one of the greatest nations on the planet.

Along with this comprehensive series you also get some great bonus features that include:

Biography: Barack Obama

Since the series was originally produced in 2005, President Obama wasn’t available to be part of the list. So here is the A&E Biography special all about him, his life, his ascension to become the first African-American President of the United States, and beyond.

All the Presidents’ Wives

No, this isn’t a special about an unknown polygamist president (har har). This really interesting 90 minute documentary profiles the First Ladies of our nation and gives the credit they are rightfully due.

Timeline of U.S. Presidents

For a comprehensive look at the men who helped shape this country through leadership, bravery, and policy, I recommend The Presidents. It’s definitely worth a look!

The Presidents: 2012 Edition is available April 17, 2012 on DVD!

Who is your favorite President? Least favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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