King Arthur and Medieval Britain – DVD Review

The Knights of the Round Table. Camelot. The Holy Grail. For centuries historians and curious lovers of medieval lore have explored, researched, and even sought out the truth behind the mythology of King Arthur and his story. In this fascinating collection of specials from The History Channel, experts come together to find answers to many of the most perplexing aspects of the King Arthur legend.

In many ways this is a definitive collection about King Arthur and the historical facts and fiction that surround him. Each documentary explores one distinct aspect of this medieval saga, each perspective bringing new light and fresh information to the forefront. While you may be interested in just one area of the King Arthur legend – like the Holy Grail – this is a great opportunity to see how this single topic links to all the others. And since there are five specials to explore in this one DVD set, you have the option to do just that!

What are these intriguing specials? I’m glad you asked.

Quest for King Arthur

Patrick Stewart (yes, THAT Patrick Stewart) narrates this insightful documentary that serves as an overview of the man, the myth, and the legend that was King Arthur.

King Arthur: His Life and Legends

Did Arthur really exist? Does it actually matter? This special explores those aspects of the legendary figure and the tales surrounding him.

Ancient Mysteries: Camelot

Leonard Nimoy! This episode from the classic series looks at the possibility of a place like Camelot actually existing in medieval times.

Knights and Armor

A closer look at the evolution, traditions, and legacy of medival armor and the knights that wore it.

Ancient Mysteries: Quest for the Holy Grail

Another installment of the classic series hosted by Leonard Nimoy, this episode looks at the mythology surrounding the Holy Grail and its connection to King Arthur.

I was really intrigued by each special and definitely learned a whole lot more about King Arthur than I had known before. I highly recommend this collection (I know, when do I NOT recommend something from The History Channel?).

King Arthur and Medieval Britain is available NOW on DVD!

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