Ancient Aliens: Season Three – DVD Review

Did aliens really help found the United States of America? Did they have a hand in the creation of mankind? And is their presence still influencing our lives and technology today? These and many other questions are posed and their answers explored in Ancient Aliens: Season Three.

Ancient Aliens is an intriguing series that delves into mysterious and unexplained phenomena that have taken place on Earth and posits that aliens were the primary reason these things happened. We’ve all heard the theory that aliens helped to build the pyramids of Egypt, but what about other massive structures throughout the world that engineers of today confess they don’t have the technology to construct?

The topics covered are quite interesting and provoke plenty of speculative thought, but even I had a hard time following some of the logic posed by these experts as we journeyed down the rabbit hole together. While many of the theories are compelling and there’s some level of evidence to back up their claims (is that a UFO behind George Washington in that painting?), other ideas are so crazy that it makes you realize that maybe there is a better explanation for something occurring than “the aliens did it.”

It’s a highly engaging and entertaining series that does make you wonder if some otherworldly beings did have a hand in creating some of Earth’s greatest man-made wonders. At the same time you have to wonder why these alien creatures would travel billions of light years, help people in the past, and not show their faces in 2012. Or maybe they’re just hidden in plain sight? As the narrator of the series would tell us, “Ancient alien theorists believe this to be true.”

With plenty of experts, authors, filmmakers, and other intellectuals ready to express their theories regarding these ancient alien encounters, Ancient Aliens continues to be a great series to watch in order to get another perspective on what’s happening in our world in the past, present, and future.

Ancient Aliens: Season Three is available NOW on DVD!

Do you think aliens exist? Did they help build and create the ancient wonders of the world? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Ian all I read was, “Did aliens really help found the United States of America?” and all I can respond with is – Are you a dumbass?

    1. Ummm…since it’s one of the topics of one of the episodes of the series, I would have to pass your question on to the producers of the show.

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