How does Borderlands 2’s Gunzerker work?

Gunzerker, from Borderlands 2

Gunzerker, from Borderlands 2
I’ve got two words for you, two words: Dual wielding.

IGN has had the chance to get up close with the Gunzerker, one of the classes in Borderlands 2. Named Salvador, the Gunzerker has the ability to temporarily equip two guns at the same time – temporarily being the keyword. The Gunzerker can further beef up his dual-wielding with three different skill trees, Rampage, which makes him a “whirlwind of destruction”, Brawn, which can make him a “health machine” and the Gun Lust tree, which is “all about just doing crazy or interesting things with guns.”

Many of the skills will be named after quotes, such as the “Yippe Ki Yay” skill, which increases your dual-wielding duration the more you kill enemies while in it. A Brawn skill, “Come at Me, Bro” attracts enemies towards you, but gives you health to compensate, making it handy in tough spots. Tweak skills like these together and experiment, because Gearbox encourages players to go ahead and tinker with the game.

Borderlands 2 will be coming out not soon enough in 2012 (if we had to guess, some time in summer).

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