Alan Wake to shine a light on the PC

Or as the bad punster in me would put it, Alan Wakes up to the PC…

So the news is that Alan Wake, formerly dismissed for the PC in favour of an Xbox 360-only release, will actually be making its way to the Master Race gaming platform. It will be released via Steam in a release window ambiguously revealed as ‘Early 2012’ for now. The PC version of the game will also include The Signal and The Writer episodes, which were sold on the Xbox 360 version as downloadable content. Regardless, if you were pining to the play the game and didn’t have a console, your time is now.

In the mean time we’re still waiting for I Am Alive, Red Dead Redemption, Bayonetta and the rest of the lot.

Also in related Alan Wake news, the Xbox 360 downloadable content title Alan Wake: American Nightmare now has a trailer.

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