First Teaser Poster for The Amazing Spider-Man

Unfortunately, ‘does whatever a spider can’ is not the tagline. 🙁

Ah, The Amazing Spider-Man. The reboot for the Spider-Man movie franchise proves that if you think a movie franchise is stretching for too long, don’t end it! Just reboot it! This time, we have Andrew Garfield playing as Spider-Man and his alter ego Peter Parker (shh don’t tell anyone) and the film itself is being directed by Marc Webb, best known for (500) Days of Summer.

I really like this poster, it’s a little ominous and gothic with its black-and-white and scary huge spider logo that’d make arachnophobes of us all. The poster promises ‘The Untold Story’, probably hinting that we’re looking at an all-new origin story instead of the one everyone knows.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be coming out on the 3rd of July next year in 2D and 3D. I hear they’re giving away free passes if you are a radioactive-insect-bitten mutant.

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