The Girls Next Door: The Complete Series – DVD Review

Ever wonder what really goes on at the Playboy Mansion? Is it all glitz, glamour, and parties? Are there catfights among Playmates? Are they all just a bunch of dumb naked girls vying for Hef’s attention? Thanks to The Girls Next Door you can find out for yourself.

For those who aren’t into pop culture of pictures of hot naked women, Hugh Hefner is the founder of Playboy, a magazine that was first published in December 1953 and featured nude photos of Marilyn Monroe.

Fast-forward to today and Playboy has grown from what may have been taboo only a few decades ago into a media empire that includes the E! reality series, The Girls Next Door. The series explores the multi-faceted world of being one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, and as the first season begins we get to meet three of them: Holly, Kendra, and Bridget.

That’s right, good ol’ Hef gets to date three sexy women at the same time and they all live under the same roof (that roof of course belonging to the iconic Playboy Mansion). Throughout the course of he series we get to discover what it’s really like to be part of this universe of parties, events, appearances, photo shoots and more.

There’s a lot more to these girls than just blonde hair and nice boobs (although those do help). The series does it’s best to show other aspects and dimensions of the girls’ personalities, their hobbies, and their other interests outside the Mansion. And when the original threesome moves on, there’s always another trio ready to take their place.

The Girls Next Door is highly entertaining escapist fare that is even more enjoyable in this series box set since it’s uncensored. Yes, you get to see nudity and hear all the unbleeped profanity the FCC wouldn’t let them show on TV. It’s a whole new dimension to an already easy to watch reality series.

I think what makes the show so entertaining – other than all the hot women – is that…no, I think that IS what makes this show so entertaining. There are lots and lots and lots of sexy young women throughout the six seasons of the series. Every guy wishes he could live even just one day in Hugh Hefner’s shoes and pajamas, and this show in some small way allows all men to live out that fantasy.

The Girls Next Door: The Complete Series is loaded with special features on all 17 DVDs. Each episode includes audio commentary with the girls, plus you get deleted and extended scenes, and episode promos. Along with these, the box set includes: Personality Tests with Holly, Bridget & Kendra; Behind-the-Scenes Special: Bedtime Stories: The Best of The Girls Next Door; The Bunny House Pilot Episode; and a Bonus Episode: “Transitions.

This is a great gift for anyone who love Playboy, and is definitely worth a look. Check out The Girls Next Door: The Complete Series on DVD NOW!

Which of Hef’s girlfriends on the series is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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