Japanese MMORPG Loses All Data, Shuts Down

Remember kids, always backup your important data!

Japanese MMORPG, M2 suffered a critical issue on the game’s main servers on the 21st of October at 8PM, forcing the game to be taken offline for emergency maintenance. The game however, never made it back from the dark depths of data loss. Apparently, as the game’s operators, Hangame, have been unable to restore all the data, the game has been shut down and service will be ended.

This is probably the most dramatic cause for MMORPG shutdown I’ve ever heard of. It just goes to show why you need to make backups, more backups, backups of backups, and then backups of those (saved on backup drives, themselves in backup offices, and so on).

The game itself had a relatively small playerbase, but it did focus heavily on micro-transactions and premium items, so I guess this is really going to piss a bunch of Japanese gamers off. It just goes to show that when you need to invest, trust real estate and gold over premium items in MMOs. There’s your piece of free economic advice for the day!

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