SquareEnix announces PS3 remake of Final Fantasy X

This is MY story!…In mind-boggling HD!

Big news for fans of underwater soccer, muscular beastmen, fetishized 15-year-olds, and suspicious analogues of the Catholic Church: massive video entertainment conglomerate SquareEnix announced a next-gen (are we still calling this gen next-gen?) remake of Final Fantasy X at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. Though there’s not much to go on as of yet, the remake is looking to be a Playstation exclusive, being released on the PS3 and Sony’s new Playstation Vita handheld.

While I’m sure there’ll be a fair amount of anticipation for the title, SquareEnix’s choice for a game to remake does seem odd…though X certainly holds the distinction of being the last game in the series that NEARLY everyone agreed upon, it’s strange that SE would revisit a game from a mere 10 years and only one generation ago instead of FINALLY aquiescing to fan demands and remaking either 1994’s RPG benchmark Final Fantasy VI or 1997’s industry darling Final Fantasy VII. But SquareEnix knows best, at least when online games aren’t concerned, so perhaps we should have faith. All I know is that Wakka’s hair was ridiculous enough in standard def, I’m not looking to have that thing poke my eye out in HD.

Tune in next week for more Stuff We Like, and more stuff we wish Nomura wouldn’t have made look so ridiculous


Source: IGN

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