Horatio Hornblower: The Further Adventures – DVD Review

He’s back and ready for action! Horatio Hornblower continues his high seas feats of daring-do in the continuing Hornblower series: The Duchess and the Devil and The Wrong War. Each is filled with plenty of swashbuckling action, romance, and intrigue as Horatio and company battle their way through the Napoleonic Wars with moxie and vigor.

There’s plenty to enjoy in both films, but as I mentioned before these are the third and fourth movies of an eight movie series produced by A&E. The first two, which I would also recommend, explore the beginnings of Horatio Hornblower’s involvement in the War and how he came to be where he’s at this point in the saga.

The Horatio Hornblower series are epic-sized films that effectively bring to life the characters and settings envisioned by author C.S. Forester when he first introduced the Hornblower character to the world in 1937. He would appear in a multitude of stories, and would make his final appearance in Forester’s works in 1967 in the short story “The Last Encounter.”

Both The Duchess and the Devil and The Wrong War deliver plenty of excitement, but don’t go in thinking that these are like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The pacing here is much slower and the action and adventure is built around solid storytelling and character development. Those looking for something that’s more akin to a literary work will definitely find the Hornblower series enjoyable.

You also get some great bonus features that take you behind the scenes of how this epic series was brought to life.

I recommend Horatio Hornblower: The Further Adventures.

Horatio Hornblower: The Further Adventures is available NOW on DVD!

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