Loose: A Collection of Scenes About, Love, Lust, and Loss – Theater Review

Awkward first dates, infidelities, and life-altering revelations are explored in the latest stage production by Kelly Meyersfield, Loose: A Collection of Scenes About, Love, Loss and Lust. Loose is a series of nine vignettes written by Meyersfield that take a look at relationships at all levels of their development. While many of the scenes are quite funny, several delve into the darkness and underbelly of dating, couples, and friendships.

The ensemble cast, which includes Meyersfield and seven other talented actors, deliver plenty of powerful and energetic performances as each scene takes us on a unique journey into the private lives of the characters involved. While I did feel that some of the vignettes were stronger and more impactful than others, the overall production is superbly written and cast.

There’s something here for everyone to identify or empathize with, which helps make the play all the more accessible to the audience. The multi-vignette format allows for a multitude of characters, situations, and themes without the presence of an overarching narrative.

And while the production clearly has one particular thematic element running throughout each piece – relationships – it’s refreshing to see them played out with such variety. It keeps the show fresh and keeps the audience on their toes as they wonder what will happen next.

While there’s something for everyone, but this is definitely not for kids. Each vignette includes plenty of crude sexual humor and innuendo and coarse language that may not be appropriate for children.

If you live in the Los Angles area and are looking for local, independent theater to attend, I recommend Loose: A Collection of Scenes About, Love, Loss and Lust.


For upcoming show dates, times, and ticket info, visit www.LooseShow.info.

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