Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Movie Soundtrack Review

Hans Zimmer does it again with another fantastic soundtrack in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Whether you were a fan of On Stranger Tides or not, you have to admit that the music in this film is as unique to this entry in the franchise as all the others have been.

And that’s the great thing about Zimmer’s scores for the Pirates movies; they include the familiar themes we’ve come to expect, and yet deliver so much more with powerful and resonant thematic elements for new characters, villains, and sequences.

From the very first track to the last there’s an energy and sense of fun present within the world of the music alone. Zimmer definitely knows how to get audiences revved up and in the mood for what they’re watching on the screen.

Yes, all film score are unique to the film to which they are composed, but there’s something special about how Hans Zimmer scores these films that leaves you wanting to hear the soundtrack on its own and relive the film in your mind’s eye through his well-crafted score.

And this soundtrack doesn’t disappoint. With new themes for Blackbeard (Ian McShane), Angelica (Penelope Cruz), and the mermaids, Zimmer expands the world of the Pirates universe through his own exploration of character through music. And this time he’s not alone in that pursuit.

Spanish guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela lend their sound and flavor to the On Stranger Tides score, with amazing results. They have a great sound, and the moments performed by them really pop and help make this score more than a standard Pirates movie soundtrack.

Along with the score for the film, you also get five tracks that feature remixes of by various artists. These are really enjoyable and worth listening to. The previous Pirates soundtracks have also included remixes, but these were better than the previous ones in my humble opinion.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie soundtrack is available NOW on CD and digital download! I highly recommend it to any Pirates of the Caribbean or Hans Zimmer fan.

What is your favorite Hans Zimmer film score? Favorite Pirates soundtrack? Leave a comment and let us know!

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