Wii 2 “Project Cafe” Leaked?

A shady video might have spoiled E3 2011’s biggest surprise.

With E3 2011 rapidly approaching, and Nintendo’s new console, the Wii 2 or “Project Cafe,” set to debut, speculation has already begun as to what the system will look like. And, like many pre-system releases, there are plenty of fake, fan, and speculation images floating around the web.

A few days ago, a video popped up on YouTube that shows what looks to be a slideshow featuring images of the “Project Cafe” system body and its controller featuring the already announced on-board touch-screen.

But is the video fake? Real? Is it a well planned hoax? Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think below:

I guess we’ll have to wait till E3 2011 to see if this video is legit. Stay tuned to StuffWeLike.com for upcoming E3 2011 coverage, “Project Cafe” developments, and more!