Supah Ninjas – TV Show Review

A highly entertaining, funny, and exciting series, Supah Ninjas is one of the best new series on TV for teens. Nickeldeon has a lot of great programs for the tween/teen set including iCarly, Big Time Rush, and Victorious, and now they can proudly add Supah Ninjas to their list of solid teen shows.

What makes the series stand-out from an aesthetic standpoint is the cinematography. The show is shot like a film and has the look and feel that automatically raises it levels above other teen-centric series. The episode I watched, “Katara,” is a testament to this stylized look that really makes the show pop.

Ryan Potter, Carlos Knight, and Gracie Dzienny star as three teens that are recruited to become ninjas with the aid of George Takei’s character. Each week the trio must battle a new foe all while keeping their identities as ninjas a secret from family and friends. And with Star Trek’s George Takei as Grandfather, there’s something for kids and adults to enjoy.

The jokes and gags come as fast and furious as the action, and the storylines are simplistic but still manage to engage and connect with the intended audience. I’m very curious to see where the series goes and how the characters grow and change of the course of the series. Sure it’s corny and silly at times, but so was Walker, Texas Ranger and that ran on CBS for eight seasons!

Supah Ninjas is a fun and energetic that tweens and teens will definitely get a kick out of. Check it out!

Supah Ninjas airs Saturdays at 8:30pm only on Nickelodeon!

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