The Third Reich – DVD Review

How did Hitler rise to power and control the hearts and minds of so many? How was he able to scapegoat an entire group of people and cause the greatest human atrocity ever conceived: the Holocaust? What led to rise and eventual fall of one of the worlds strongest and evilest governmental constructs, the Third Reich (aka The Nazi Party)?

This fascinating documentary delves into these very questions and many more as The History Channel takes us on a journey inside the world of the Third Reich in ways few have seen it. Using real footage from newsreels, German people, and the Nazis themselves, the documentary unravels the mysteries as to why and how Adolf Hitler was able to take control and become the world’s most infamous dictator.

What makes this documentary special is the use of only film footage from the time period. It also utilizes quotes from people who were there, watching Hitler and his Nazi Party rise to power and ultimately destroy anything that got in their way. At the same time, the second half of the documentary shows the unraveling of the Third Reich and what led to its ultimate and finite destruction.

Did you know that Hitler failed several times to cause a revolution before finally succeeding? Did you know that people swore their dedication to him and the Nazis out of fear of being taken away to a prison camp? And did you know that the Jews were targeted along with many other groups for sterilization and ultimate extermination by the Nazis?

It’s a chilling, dark, and at time hard to watch documentary, but it’s a part of history that should never be forgotten. The program contains graphic footage from the concentration camps, dead soldiers, children, and others. It’s tough to even fathom that one man had the power to cause so much destruction, and yet he was responsible for the most deplorable of acts ever caused by a human being.

The Third Reich also explores why the German people went along with what Hitler was doing. This makes the program of particular importance since most specials cover Hitler and the Nazis but fail to explore the world of the German people before, during, and after Hitler’s reign. It goes without saying that once Hitler rose to prominence that the lives of the German people would never be the same after the war, decades later, and even today. A lot of the footage shown throughout the special is not even allowed to be shown in Germany even to this day.

The Third Reich is important documentary that should be watched, discussed, and not soon forgotten. It’s a powerful piece of documentary filmmaking that is definitely worth watching.

The Third Reich is available NOW on DVD.