Rain Man: Award Series – Blu-ray Review

One of Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman’s most memorable films, Rain Man captured the hearts and minds of audiences and critics alike back in 1988. It’s the story of two brothers who are complete opposites – Charlie (Cruise) a yuppie salesman, Raymond (Hoffman) an autistic savant – who find themselves on a road trip that will change their lives forever. Rain Man is a fascinating and engaging journey that makes it a classic American film.

It’s a touching, oftentimes very funny movie that has been quoted, parodied, and seen by millions worldwide. It also took home four Oscars: Best Actor – Dustin Hoffman; Best Director – Barry Levinson; Best Picture – Producer Mark Johnson; and Best Screenplay – Ronald Bass and Barry Morrow.

This is definitely a movie that is a showcase for the talents of both Cruise and Hoffman, and shows how powerful and popular original material can be. And please, Hollywood, let’s keep this one the way it is and NOT do a remake! All we need is a remake of Rain Man with Will Ferrell and Russell Brand and I’ll know the end is nigh!

This Blu-ray Awards Edition includes the following special features:

The Journey of Rain Man Featurette (22 minutes)

A retrospective look at how Rain Man became the Oscar-winning film it is today.

Lifting the Fog: A Look at the Mysteries of Autism Featurette (20 minutes)

A fascinating mini-doc about the history of autism, characteristics of autism, and what it’s like living with autism. Includes interviews with screenwriter Rob Morrow, experts in the field of autism, and people with autism.

Audio Commentaries by Director Barry Levinson, Writer Barry Morrow, and Writer Ronald Bass; Deleted Scene; and the Original Theatrical Trailer

For an excellent night at the movies, I highly recommend Rain Man!

Rain Man is available NOW on Blu-ray.

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  1. Dude I love Dustin Hoffman! I saw this movie twice with my ex-girlfriend. He is equally as great in this new sitcom, “Luck”. Check the site out –

    Luck. Thanks!

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