Bioware Warns of Beta Fraud

Bioware has become a monster of a developer lately with its task of pushing out Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3, and SWToR. With Dragon Age 2 out the door and Mass Effect 3 not due for a good while, Bioware can focus on getting Star Wars: The Old Republic up and running this year. However like all popular things, there are a few out there that looking to cash in.

The private beta for SWToR has been going on for quite some time now and with a release date of this year set, Bioware is looking to iron out as many bugs as possible. This means more beta invites have been going out to people who are have registered on their website. But some have been getting emails claiming that you can buy your way into the beta, which Bioware has stated is “false”.

“It has come to our attention that there are multiple individuals and sites claiming to sell testing accounts, ‘beta keys’, or other offers of access to our Game Testing Program. All of these offers are false. BioWare is not issuing invites to Game Testing via any method other than those we outline here on”

For those that have gotten in and are looking to sell your account for a quick buck, be wary.

“Furthermore, the sale of accounts with access to the Game Testing Program is strictly prohibited by the Game Testing Agreement. We closely monitor the activities of all accounts involved in the Game Testing Program, and are quick to notice accounts that change hands.

“In the event that an account in the Game Testing Program does change ownership, we immediately take action to the fullest extent possible, including permanently banning the account from the Service.”

For those that aren’t sure about who to trust when it comes to a beta invite be on the lookout for this email address: “” as it is the real deal. Beta invites will only come through that address. If you receive a bogus email send it over to “” and they will handle the rest.

Source: VG247

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