Bubble Guppies – TV Show Review

Meet the Bubble Guppies: Bubble Puppy, Gil, and Molly

Nickelodeon hits a home run with their latest preschool series, Bubble Guppies! An entertaining and fun half-hour, each episode of Bubble Guppies teaches kids about a specific real-world topic. These topics range from visiting the doctor to what goes on at a restaurant.

Along with the topic of the day, kids will learn about teamwork, cooperation, sharing, and politeness.

The series features a colorful cast of characters that include the main cast of six Bubble Guppies kids (Gil, Molly, Deema, Nonny, Oona, and Goby), their teacher Mr. Grouper, Bubble Puppy, and The Little Fish. Each episode incorporates these familiar faces along with new characters that the Bubble Guppies assist. And you never know what type of characters they’ll encounter each time!

Among the excellent voice cast is Zachary Gordon who plays Greg Heffley in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. Check out my interview with Zach by clicking here.

The two episodes I watched, “Call a Clambulance” and “The Grumpfish Special!,” were very entertaining, funny, and interactive. I especially like how the Bubble Guppies approach each topic from a variety of different angles as they attempt to solve or explore a problem or issue.

Each topic also gets it’s own set of songs, which are catchy and fun to listen to. Along with new songs, there are recurring songs that pop up in each episode as well. My personal favorite is Mr. Grouper’s “Outside” song. The accompanying animation is also a sight to behold, and the whole show is enjoyable from start to finish.

I really like the animation used in the series. The CG-animated universe of Bubble Guppies looks amazing, and the character design is simple but distinct. There’s a smooth feel to the animation, which makes it easy to watch and visually stunning.

With plenty of lessons and topics for your preschooler to learn about, Bubble Guppies is definitely an upbeat and fun show for kids and enjoyable for parents as well.

Bubble Guppies airs weekdays at 11am (ET/PT) only on Nickelodeon!

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