Space Precinct: The Complete Series – DVD Review

What if Star Wars was a cop show? It would probably be a lot like Space Precinct, the action-packed sci-fi series from creator Gerry Anderson (Space: 1999). Get ready big adventure and plenty of special effects as the men, women, and aliens battle the scum of the universe on planets and in galaxies all over the universe.

The year is 2040. Two cops are reassigned from their jobs as NYPD cops to the mean streets of space. With the help of their alien counterparts, these two city cops have a lot to learn and even more to experience as they come across some of the most ruthless and despicable alien trash this side of Mars.

Is it campy? You betcha! Is it silly? Yep. Is it worth checking out? Why not! It does have a Men in Black meets Law & Order vibe at times, which makes sense considering the basic story about aliens and humans working together to fight other alien criminals. And while this is by no means as funny or as cool as Men in Black, there is something about the show that gives it a certain charm.

I was disappointed to see that there are no special features included in this complete series set. Hopefully, when it arrives on Blu-ray they will resolve this issue.

For campy sci-fi fun, check out Space Precinct: The Complete Series, available NOW on DVD!

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