Lennon NYC – DVD Review

John Lennon. A musical legend that will forever be linked to The Beatles, but a man who had a successful career following his time with “The Fab Four.” Lennon’s music has touched and influenced millions of fans and artists; his ability to write music and sing makes him a legendary figure in the music history. Most people know about him, his songs, and his untimely death.

Lennon NYC takes us on a journey through 1971 with Lennon as his career moved to the side as he took on the challenge of becoming a father for the first time. The documentary is an intimate and insightful look at the former Beatle, and transforms him from a legend into a human being with the same faults and issues that we possess.

The primary theme of the documentary is freedom, which is something Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono desperately craved as they traveled from London to New York City on a mission to distance themselves from the insanity of the press, the public, and critics.

The challenges these two faced and overcame together during that fateful year are ones that demonstrate the true capacity of human nature to find a way to make things work despite the odds.

Filled with clips, music, interviews with friends, family (in-depth interviews with Yoko Ono), celebrities (Elton John), and more, LennoNYC is a must-see for any John Lennon fan. I highly recommend this important and informative documentary about one of music’s most influential figures in the 20th century.

Lennon NYC is available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray!

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