How Music Works – Book Review

Pretentious, haughty, and full-of-himself best describe the attitude presented on the page by John Powell in his book, How Music Works. While these may sound like pejoratives tossed out like a series of off-key notes on a piano, this attitude works perfectly within the context of the subject matter being explored in this fascinating book.

I’ve taken music appreciation classes before, but I never learned this much in a whole semester of classes, note-taking, and tests. Powell, who’s both a trained musician and physicist, delivers a wealth of information about music’s many facets, aspects, and genres. Nothing is left out as Powell expertly weaves a tapestry of knowledge that embraces the reader and enables them to grasp some fairly complex musical concepts.

The book is a How-To in a lot of ways. Powell wants you to develop an ear for good music, to understand why music affects certain people in certain ways, and how the basics of music theory and practice are as relevant and important today as they were in the days of Beethoven.

Powell knows his stuff and his ability to communicate that knowledge to people who know little or nothing about music makes him a valuable resource for those interested in music on all levels. How Music Works includes a complimentary CD loaded with further insights and information from the man himself, John Powell.

If you’re interested in music, I recommend you crack open How Music Works. It’s definitely worth a read.

How Music Works in available NOW!

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