The Green Slime – DVD Review

I wonder if they’ll do a remake in 3D? The ultimate in campy 60s sci-fi movies, The Green Slime never fails to deliver plenty of Mystery Science Theater 3000– level badness on a grand scale. It’s all here: bad acting, lame special effects, and people in rubber suits as monsters. Yep, you can’t go wrong with The Green Slime.

So, this asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and a team is sent to destroy it. They accidentally bring back some green slime that mutates into these tentacle-laden creatures that take over the space station where the team is located. Some feel they should be studied; others want them destroyed. Who will be right and who will be dead wrong?

Directed by Kinji Fukasaku, whose later works receive positive comments from Quentin Tarantino, The Green Slime delivers plenty of unintended laughs and an open invite for an evening of riffing that would make the boys at Rifftrax proud.

If you’re in the mood for some cheesy sci-fi fun, check out The Green Slime!

The Green Slime is available NOW on DVD!

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