The Warrior’s Way Preview

You guys,  I got invited to see a preview of select scenes from The Warrior’s Way last night at the Landmark theater in Los Angeles. The presentation featured viewings of a few select scenes from the movie as well as a Q&A session with select members of the cast and crew, including director Sngmoo Lee.

The Warrior’s Way is about an Assassin (played by renowned South Korean actor Dong-gun Jang) who refuses a critical mission and must hide in a small town in the American badlands.  There he meets Lynne (Kate Bosworth), and together they must defend the town from both cowboys and ninjas alike.  Check the trailer for an idea of the technology utilized to create the movie’s fantastical setting:

Normally I would dismiss something like this as your run-of-the-mill Action Bro cash-in, because mathematically it boils down to Ninjas+Cowboys+Hot Chicks=$$$.  However what really interested me was that during the Q&A, Director Sngmoo Lee promised deep characterization within the story.  He also seemed very enthusiastic about the thematic content running through the plotline and appeared very invested in the project.  To add to that, the fight scenes we were shown really pushed limits both technically and choreographically.

The Warrior’s Way will be in theaters December 3rd via Relativity Media.

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