Syfy Digital Press Tour 2010: Sanctuary

Season 3 of Sanctuary premiered on Syfy on October 15th with the beginning of an all-new 20 episode season. Unfortunately, the show’s star Amanda Tapping (Dr. Helen Magnus) was not able to make it to the panel although Robin Dunne (Dr. Will Zimmerman) was able to talk about the show and answer any questions for us.

Dunne mainly spoke about the new abnormals that will be present in the new season and the difficulties of shooting almost exclusively with a green screen. He also told us that the new season will have a lot more adventure and unravel many of the mysteries of Sanctuary’s rich story.

One thought on “Syfy Digital Press Tour 2010: Sanctuary”

  1. I love this show. This one grew on me fast and I’ve been adamant to watch every episode. I really enjoy the green screen style for Sanctuary too, although I’m the first to admit I don’t think this approach works well for some other shows. Everything looks so much better since I upgraded to high definition. I knew what I was missing out on, and I should have upgraded sooner being an employee of DISH Network and all, but I just didn’t want to move the gigantic big-screen in my living room. With DISH offering HD free for life to new and existing customers alike I just couldn’t pass it up any longer though. And I’m glad I didn’t I enjoy Sanctuary even more now that I have a pristine picture quality to view the special effects with.

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