Syfy Digital Press Tour 2010: Being Human

After learning of the panels that would be present at the Syfy Digital Press Tour, Being Human was the one I was most interested in. This was mainly due to the critical acclaim that the British version of the show has received in the past.

For the panel, Syfy brought in the two main actors and actress that are in the American version of the show. For those that do not know, the show Being Human is a show about three paranormal, 20-something roommates living in Boston – a vampire named “Aidan” (Sam Witwer), a werewolf named “Josh” (Sam Huntington) and a ghost “Sally” (Meaghan Rath). The show follows them and the struggles that they come across as they attempt to live double lives.

Throughout the panel, the focus was mainly on how the cast felt about the American version of the show as opposed to the British version and how they plan on dealing with viewers who are big fans of the British version. What I found to be very interesting was that the cast said that not only had they seen maybe one or two episodes of the British version but they were actually encouraged to not watch the British version of the show. This was an attempt to make the show something that is their own and not simply a copy of the British series.

Each of the cast members talked about their respective characters and the lengths that the creators went to make sure that they are unique for the show. One of the more prominent questions had to do with the way vampires and werewolves have been portrayed in recent films and TV shows and how the creators went about making sure that theirs had their own lore and stories. In an attempt to not give away too much information, they told us that their paranormal characters were all very unique and differed from other shows and films in many ways.

Even though the cast members know about the high expectations for the show, they seemed extremely energetic about the show and what they have completed so far. This was the show that I was most excited for when coming in to the panel and thankfully it was one of my most favorite after the panels were complete.

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