The World at War – Blu-ray Review

Powerful, insightful, chilling, and poignant are only a handful of words that describe this documentary series about World War II. Its exploration of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, the Nazi party, the Holocaust, Japan and Italy’s involvement in the war, Pearl Harbor, and the end of World War II is mesmerizing and absolutely worth watching.

This landmark, award-winning, 26-part documentary series never ceases to ignite levels of emotion as we watch Germany turn into one of the biggest and deadliest powers in Europe. The series explores in-depth how these events came to be and how they would influence people and governments throughout the rest of the world.

Narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier, The World at War takes viewers on a journey they won’t soon forget, and teaches lessons well worth knowing. If those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it, then this series should be mandatory viewing.

The World at War uses real newsreel footage, not reenactments, to show us what was taking place in Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.S.A., and elsewhere during World War II. Some of the footage is quite chilling, and shows just how dark the souls of humanity can become when allowed to run amuck.

This Blu-ray edition is remastered and looks great, and includes a number of other documentaries and special features on top of the 26-part series. These include: Hitler’s Germany: The People’s Community 1933-1939; Hitler’s Germany: Total War 1939-1945; The Two Deaths of Adolf Hitler; Secretary to Hitler; Warrior; From War to Peace; The Final Solution: Part One and Part Two; Making the Series: a 30th Anniversary Retrospective; Experience the War; and Restoring The World at War.

You also get Biographies; a Gallery of Photos from the Imperial War Museum Collection; Historical Footage; and Famous Songs, Speeches, Quotes, and Maps.

I highly recommend The World at War. It is a fascinating series that should be watched by everyone.

The World at War is available November 16, 2010 on DVD and Blu-ray.

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