Gangland: Season Six – Blu-ray Review

Gripping, chilling, and disturbing, Gangland continues to deliver terrifying information about America’s toughest hardcore gangs. It’s hard to even fathom that there are as many gangs in the United States as have been profiled on Gangland, and the number of episodes and seasons currently available – seven seasons so far – plus the ones yet to come makes it even more of a shock.

Each episode takes an inside look at the origin of each gang, how they recruit, initiate new members, and go about their business as a unit. Some reside in one area of the country; others have chapters throughout the States and over the borders to the north and south. No matter where they are, these vicious groups are fueled by a wide variety of factors including power, drugs, hate, violence, and sex.

With interviews from current and former members, law enforcement, and reenactments of crimes committed by these gangs, Gangland delivers hard-hitting coverage of these men and women who operate en masse on the wrong side of the law. Gangland also includes real crime scene footage that may disturb some viewers.

Why is Gangland important? Because knowing who these gangs are, what their symbols and identifiers are, and where they operate can help ensure that you never have an encounter with them face-to-face. The series is definitely a worthwhile educational tool to show the danger of gangs from both the inside and the outside.

Season Six includes the following episodes and the gangs associated with them: Snitch Slaughter (Vagos Motorcycle Club); Trinity of Blood (Texas Chicano Brotherhood); Street Law (Surenos in Atlanta); Skinhead Assault (Volksfront); Crazy Killers (South Side Locos of Oklahoma City); Bloody South (Gangster Killer Bloods of South Carolina); Devil’s Disciples (of Detroit); The Assassins (North Side Mafia of Denver, CO); Beware the Goose! (Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club); Sex, Money, Murder (Bloods of New Jersey); and Hell House (New Mexico Syndicate). There’s also Bonus Footage available on the third Blu-ray disc.

Gangland is a solid and informative series that is totally worth watching. I highly recommend Gangland: Season Six.

Gangland: Season Six is available November 16, 2010 on DVD and Blu-ray!

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