Want Psychonauts 2? So Does Tim Schafer

But will he do it? Before you dive into his mind, read the rest of this post.

Anyone else think that Inception borrowed one idea too many from Psychonauts? No? Well, it’d still be great to see something that is very Psychonautsy and very modern at the same time, and a sequel to the game would be pretty damn perfect, thank you very much. This isn’t a particularly original opinion, I know, but now you know that Tim Schafer thinks so too.

Schafer, if you don’t know, is the creator of Psychonauts, Day of the Tentacle, Brütal Legend, a couple of the Monkey Island games and the Bermuda triangle[citation needed]. Talking to PSM3, he says that he’s “ready and willing” to do a Psychonauts sequel, but isn’t sure if a publisher would be interested in it.

But Psychonauts or no, Double Fine is currently working on a top secret project that involves Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer together, for the first time since their Monkey Island days. With a team like that, it is certain to be the second-greatest game that we’ve ever seen.

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