World War II 360 – Blu-ray Review

All right all you World War II fans! Here it is. The History Channel presents the penultimate box set exploring the major battle that took place during the Second World War. But this just isn’t some run-of-the-mill documentary series. Far from it. Thanks to computer technology, the two series that make up World War II 360 give you a literal insider’s look at these battles as if you are really there.

First up is Battle 360, a compelling series that takes viewers inside some of the most intense battles waged during World War II. Explore the various battles that took place involving the USS Enterprise, and delve into battles wages in land, at sea, and in the air. With the aid of experts and stunning CG images you’ll smell the gun powder and sea water as these battles unfold before your eyes.

Episodes from Battle 360 include: Call to Duty; Vengeance at Midway; Jaws of the Enemy; Bloody Santa Cruz; Enterprise Vs. Japan; The Grey Ghost; Hammer of Hell; D-Day in the Pacific; Battle of Lyte Gulf; and The Empire’s Last Stand.

George S. Patton led his men through a series of battles during his time as a general. His exploits are explored in detail here with Patton 360. The same concept as Battle 360, the series goes inside the strategies and tactics used by Patton during his various encounters with the enemy in the field. It’s easy to see how his men felt as if they could truly trust this gruff and focused man with their lives.

Episodes from Patton 360 include: Blood & Guts; Rommel’s Last Stand; Baptism of Blood; Rogue General; American Blitzkrieg; Leading the Charge; On Hitler’s Doorstep; Siege Warfare; Battle of the Bulge; and Crushing the Third Reich.

For the ultimate exploration of battles, theaters of war, and military strategy, I recommend World War II 360.

World War II 360 is available NOW on Blu-ray!

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