Pretty Maids All in a Row – DVD Review

Many of us have experienced the ups and downs of being in high school. Hormones. Dating. Popularity. Proms. Football games. The list could go on forever when it comes to the constant barrage of events and changes taking place during this time in one’s life.

But throw a little murder into the mix and you get the zany goings on in the sex comedy/murder-mystery Pretty Maids All in a Row. There’s a lot going on in this film written and produced by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry (crazy, huh?). Yes, the man who brought us Captain Kirk and company did write other things that weren’t in the sci-fi vein. So, what’s this non-sci-fi thing about?

When girls start turning up dead on campus at Oceanfront High School, everyone’s a suspect. But who could be so brazen as to kill these high school girls and pin notes on their bodies?

Meanwhile, Ponce (John David Carson) has a problem keeping it…down when it comes to his encounters with women. Enter everyone’s favorite coach, Michael ‘Tiger’ McDrew (Rock Hudson, yes, THE Rock Hudson) who counsels our hero on what to do when it comes to this condition.

But when girls Ponce is interested in start to turn up dead, is there a connection between them and the coach? Perhaps. Will Tiger be able to help Ponce with his problem? Or is he doomed to suffer the indignities caused by an out of control…tent pole in his pants?

Pretty Maids is filled with plenty of T and A (that’s short for tits and ass, just so you know), which is what you would expect from a 1970s sex comedy. It’s also loaded with lots of quirky moments, sex, and plenty of mystery as one and all try to uncover the truth about the series of murders.

Along for the ride are other familiar faces, which include: Angie Dickinson, Telly Savalas, Roddy McDowall, and James Doohan.

This is definitely a quirky, off-beat, weird, and silly movie that is a lot of fun to watch. I enjoyed it, and if you like goofy movies then Pretty Maids is right up your alley.

Pretty Maids All in a Row is available NOW through the Warner Bros. Archive Collection.

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