Night of the Demons – DVD Review

That’s right, folks, another horror remake just in time for Halloween. With Jason, Freddy, Michael, Ghost Face, and others getting a reboot/remake/redo/revamp, it was inevitable that other lesser-known B-movie horror franchises would get their day of resurrection as well. Enter Night of the Demons, a remake of the cult 1988 film of the same name.

I remember seeing the covers of these films in the Horror section at the video store when I was a kid. I never did see them, and haven’t since, so this remake is my first venture into the world originally conceived 22 years ago.

Demons is pretty straightforward in its story, the main point of the film being the excess of violence, blood, and sex. After the cops break up their Halloween party, a group of friends stay in the creepy home where they party was being held. The group soon discovers that the home is a breeding ground for demonic forces and creatures of all kinds. And what’s worse, they can turn you into a demon, too!

Will the group survive the night? Who will die? Who will sleep with whom? And who will become a demon?

The cast includes several familiar faces like Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie/Scary Movie), Edward Furlong (Pecker/Terminator 2: Judgment Day), and Diora Baird (Wedding Crashers/Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning), and there’s plenty of eye candy for both the ladies and the men in the audience. It’s guts, gore, tits, and more as these plucky young people battle to the death in order to survive a night filled with evil.

Night of the Demons is over-the-top horror. It gets very gross at times, which can get tiresome when it happens too often. What was originally intended as shock value becomes ho-hum when you see it over and over again. As a person who enjoys horror movies and has no issues with gore, I did find Night of the Demons a tad excessive at times.

Special Features include: Trailer; Comic Con 2010 Introduction; Behind the Bloodbath: A Look Inside Night of the Demons; Audio Commentary with Cast and Crew.

For a gory, bloody outing, check out Night of the Demons this Halloween. I also recommend you check out the 1988 original. I know I’m going to.

Night of the Demons is available NOW on DVD!

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