Back to the Future: The Card Game – Game Review

Just in time for the Blu-ray release of the trilogy this November, Back to the Future: The Card Game arrives to add more excitement to your Back to the Future festivities. The movies are amazing, fun, and full of excitement and surprises as is the game based on the characters, events, and locations brought to life on film.

Whether you’ve only seen the first one, all three once, or watch the trilogy religiously and take copious notes for your Back to the Future discussion group, the card game is a fun way to socialize with friends and be a part of the action as you attempt to save the future from an unfortunate events.

So, how does it work? Well, the game is for 2-6 players and can last up to an hour depending on the number of people and the complexity of your particular game. The person who goes first is determined by who has seen the movies most recently; in the case of a tie it becomes who has seen the first film the most times. Once the arguments over this fact die down and the dust settles, you’re ready to begin.

According to the back of the box, which describes it better than I’ve been trying to: “As a descendant of Marty, Biff, Doc or others, your mission is to make sure pivotal events go down the right way to protect your existence. If you’re not careful, time-travel itself will get un-invented, with someone else’s reality on top.”

The game can get intense as you do whatever it takes to make sure your version of events stays dominant. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s even more fun with a group of friends who have seen all three movies (because trying to explain the movies as you go can be tedious and annoying, trust me).

Created by Looney Labs, Back to the Future: The Card Game is a safe, fun, family-friendly game that is definitely ideal for the Back to the Future lover. Grab yourself a deck and get ready for some future-based fun!

Back to the Future: The Card Game is available NOW!

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