Life As We Know It – Movie Review

Life As We Know It is a pleasant and enjoyable surprise. Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel do an amazing job as two people who find themselves thrust into a very difficult situation that neither one is ready to accept. It’s an interesting take on the familiar rom-com formula of “opposites attract,” and it’s pulled off with style and heart in this film.

After their mutual best friends die in a car accident, Holly and Messer find themselves as the legal guardians of the deceased couple’s baby, Sophie. Holly and Messer have a history of animosity and dislike between them after a disastrous first date three years prior and subsequent negative encounters thanks to their married friends.

Will these two polar opposites find what they need within themselves and with each other to give Sophie and safe and happy home?

I have to say that the triplets who play Sophie (Alexis, Brynn, and Brooke Clagett) are three of the cutest and talented babies I have seen since the Olsen Twins on Full House. It’s common for babies to steal the spotlight from the adults they share screen time with, but these babies take it a step further and react, respond, and interact beautifully with Heigl and Duhamel. This was either the result of a lot of takes, luck, or these kids just have a knack for film acting. No matter the reason, it works beautifully and the results are great.

I also believe this is the first movie I’ve seen starring Katherine Heigl where I actually buy that she would be attracted to and have chemistry with the leading man. Heigl and Duhamel appear to have solid chemistry and a great rapport that doesn’t feel forced or needed just to make the movie work. I totally bought them as a couple of opposites that find a way to cope and work together, but find themselves eventually attracted to one another.

Other bright spots are the group of actors who portray the neighbors, which include Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly / Gilmore Girls) and Will Sasso ($#*! My Dad Says / Family Guy). Jean Smart (Frasier / Designing Women) also makes an appearance as Holly’s mother, but her presence is surprisingly minimal. I wonder if her part was cut for time?

Life As We Know It is a great date movie, with plenty of laughs for both men and women. I haven’t seen a recent romantic-comedy that I have enjoyed as much as this one, and while it may not transcend the genre it embodies, it certainly is a bright spot and a lot of fun.

I highly recommend Life As We Know It. Another great baby-related comedy with a similar premise is Baby Boom (1987) starring Diane Keaton. Both are well-worth watching.

Life As We Know It is in theaters October 8, 2010! Click here for showtimes and theaters in your area.

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