Secret Agent aka Danger Man: The Complete Series – DVD Review

The spy. A profession many fantasize about having. The ability to infiltrate, expose, and stop villains before they complete their vile tasks is something many only dream about. How do we live out these dreams of espionage and secrecy? Through films and TV series where spies are the main source of action, suspense, drama, and even comedy.

Most well-known is Ian Fleming’s James Bond who has been a part of pop culture for almost five decades (he was introduced in novel form in 1953). Along with the gadget-wielding, martini-loving, women-seducing spy came a host of other spies that allows the genre to flourish and go in new directions. Mel Brooks and Buck Henry brought audiences Get Smart in 1965, a classic series that expertly satirized the spy genre.

Later, TV series like I Spy, Mission: Impossible, and others would bring a new face to espionage, but the same vicarious feelings emanated from an audience dying to be a part of the action. Yes, the spy has had quite a life on television and on film, but there’s one series I had never heard of until now.

The year was 1965. The series was known as Danger Man, and its star was future The Prisoner leading man Patrick McGoohan. Americans first met this brainy spy one year after the show initially aired in Europe under the title, Secret Agent. Audiences were quickly intrigued by this mysterious fellow named John Drake, a man who preferred using his grey matter to firing guns.

Secret Agent aka Danger Man is a fantastic spy series that is a must-see for fans of the genre, and for fans of classic TV shows. Drake’s exploits place him in dangerous missions all over the world, and each episode offers up something new and exciting.

This special box set includes the complete series – all 86 episodes on 18 DVDs – and includes some great special features for the Secret Agent aka Danger Man novice or connoisseur. These include: Patrick McGoohan Biography/Filmography; the Complete Full-Length Original U.S. Opening Featuring “Secret Agent Man” Sung by Johnny Rivers (now you know where that song came from); Photo Gallery.

Secret Agent aka Danger Man is an excellent and compelling spy series that is definitely worth checking out.

Secret Agent aka Danger Man is available NOW on DVD!

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