She-Ra: Princess of Power, 25th Anniversary Edition – DVD Review

I wasn’t allowed to watch She-Ra: Princess of Power when I was a kid. No, it wasn’t because it was for girls like Jem or Barbie and the Rockers, but because my mom thought it was Satanic and evil. You see, I grew up going to church where they preached that shows like He-Man and She-Ra were products of the Devil because they “prayed to a mountain.”

I also wasn’t allowed to watch the Smurfs and one particular episode of Inspector Gadget where the bad guys chant for a Yeti to come and destroy Gadget. What a childhood!

25 years later, after a childhood deprived of 80s animated series, I finally get my chance to watch She-Ra: Princess of Power in order to review it for Aside from being very campy and over-the-top, I thought it was a lot of fun and truly is a girl-power cartoon series.

She-Ra is He-Man’s twin sister, who also battles the forces of evil and injustice in order to make her home, Eternia, safe and peaceful. With the assistance of Grayskull (the Satanic mountain as told to me during childhood), She-Ra battles a plethora of villainous foes mainly led by her arch-nemesis, and leader of the Evil Horde, Hordak.

With the help of her many female friends (another draw for girls to watch), and many comic-relief characters (almost all bumbling, dopey males) that assisted She-Ra on her quests and at home, She-Ra takes the concept of girl-power to a whole new level of intensity and excitement!

Similar in concept, structure, and even thematic elements as He-Man: Masters of the Universe, She-Ra is filled with action, magic, and some humor (intentional?). If you like classic Saturday Morning cartoons of the 80s, you’ll really like this series.

One thing I wish this 25th anniversary edition had was a featurette about the series. Maybe a look at how it came to be, interviews with the creators and voice actors, and maybe some insights from fans. Sadly, none of this is present in this first volume.

So grab a bowl of your favorite sugared cereal (mine are Frosted Flakes and Trix), wrap yourself in a blanket, sit down in front of the TV and check out She-Ra: Princess of Power. A blast from the past that’s sure to make you love the 80s all over again! And for some of us, to live it for the first time.

She-Ra: Princess of Power, Volume One is available NOW on DVD!

Who do you like better, He-Man of She-Ra? Leave a comment and let us know!

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