Two and a Half Men: The Complete Seventh Season – DVD Review

More jokes, more sex, and more insanity come rapid-fire in the 7th season of Two and Half Men. And while this current season hasn’t started off that well, season seven is definitely a must-see! There are so many hilarious moments in each episode that you won’t want to stop watching. It really is that good.

And why not? Charlie Sheen (Charlie Harper), Jon Cryer (Alan Harper), and Angus T. Jones (Jake Harper) continue to deliver plenty of wild and crazy moments throughout the season. But is Charlie ready to settle down and get married? Will Alan ever find a woman who respects him? Will Jake finally get a girlfriend? These questions and more are explored and answered this season.

I love this show! I think it’s one of those rare shows – like The Big Bang Theory – that offers genuine laughs and also has an edge to it that makes it stand apart from most recent situation comedies. Two and a Half Men definitely pushes the envelope and enjoys crossing the line with its wordplay, sex jokes, and off-color humor. It’s what makes the show fun to watch.

It also helps that the cast is so talented and adept at comic timing. With a supporting cast that includes Marin Hinkle (Judith), Conchata Ferrell (Berta), Ryan Stiles (Herb), and Holland Taylor (Evelyn), this show continuously gets the laughs and brings a bright spot to anyone’s day.

Special Features on the season seven DVD include: A Charlie Harper Ex Reunion featurette and a Gag Reel.

For plenty of fun and laughs, I highly recommend Two and Half Men: The Complete 7th Season! Also make sure to check out the previous six seasons on DVD and in syndication, and season eight Mondays at 9pm only on CBS.

Two and Half Men: The Complete 7th Season is available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray!

What’s your favorite Two and a Half Men moment/episode/character/joke? Leave a comment and let us know!

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