Borderlands Claptrap Revolution Screens

Borderlands developer, Gearbox, is shipping out another delightful package of DLC in the form of a robot revolution. In what has become a much expanded upon game of gun sexiness, Borderlands once again will have new adventures to keep the devoted fans entertained.

This latest batch of DLC features a Claptrap revolution, pitting you against the once thought to be witty and entertaining metal box on wheels. Pandora is host to all sorts of hooligan madness, as seen above, and these guys have had enough of the bashings, short circuiting, and live target practice most of the inhabitants use them for. And from the looks of things they are well armed and ready to fight to the death.

This will be the fourth pack released for Borderlands on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC to date with the previous packs doing quite well in terms of gamer interest. Borderlands will be getting the “Game of the Year Edition” treatment this October for $59.99 which will include the first three packs of DLC. So if you haven’t picked these up yet, or the full game for that matter, do so! This is one gun toting adventure you don’t want to miss out on. Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution will overthrow your system September 28th.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle, Gearbox

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