Chuck: The Complete Third Season – DVD Review

What can I say about Chuck? It’s one of the most exciting, funniest, and entertaining series on TV today. It’s full of cool gadgets, spies, and hot women. Chuck is definitely any nerd’s dream (the show, not the guy). This season starts with a bang and the momentum continues with plenty of twists, turns, explosions, fights, and romance along the way.

In season three Chuck gets an upgrade to Intersect 2.0 and becomes the full-fledged spy he’s decided he wants to be. But will his choice to become a spy ruin his future chances with Sarah, the sexy spy he’s fallen in love with? And will Chuck’s emotions and feeling lead to more danger for everyone involved?

A great season, Chuck delivers on all counts and continues to ramp up the energy, action, and laughs throughout each episode. Now that Chuck knows martial arts and has started to become more spy-like (even though he’s still the loveable dork we’ve come to know), the Buy More world and the spy world have the potential to have a clash of monumental proportions. Can Chuck keep his two lives and his emotions in check?

Season Three’s special features include: Declassified Scenes; Chuck-Fu…and Dim Sum: Becoming a Spy Guy; The Jeffster Solution: The Definitive Mockumentary; and a Gag Reel.

If you’ve never seen Chuck, I highly recommend it, and I recommend you check out seasons one and two before you watch Chuck: The Complete Third Season. It’s a must-see!

Chuck: The Complete Third Season is available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray.

Chuck: Season Four premieres Monday, September 20 at 8/7c ONLY on NBC!

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