The Fresh Beat Band: Season Two Premiere Week!

Hip-hop and pop! The Fresh Beat Band is back, baby! That’s right. Kiki, Marina, Shout, and Twist return to Nickelodeon this week with an all new, all fun, all exciting, all musical second season. And the learning and laughs just keep on coming with season two starting Monday, August 30!

If you haven’t read my previous six – yes, six – articles about the series you may not realize how much I like this show. Wait, scratch that. I LOVE this show! As much as I love Lost? Perhaps.

Season two starts off with a bang as the Fresh Beats take a trip to the circus in “Circus Mojo,” then build their own Fresh Beat car in “Honk, Honk.” “Honk, Honk” is a lot of fun and teaches kids about the value of teamwork, cooperation, and using problem-solving skills when dealing with a difficult situation.

The episode includes a great musical number that’s an homage to “Greased Lightning” from that ever-popular musical, Grease. It’s a lot of fun.

The Fresh Beat Band is targeted at pre-schoolers but the creators made sure that there was something for everyone to enjoy about the series. Whether you like music, dance, comedy, primary colors, or learning in general, The Fresh Beat Band delivers on all counts.

The series continues to get better, and its sophomore season it looks like The Fresh Beat Band is here to stay for a while. With their new home at Paramount Pictures, Kiki, Marina, Shout, and Twist have many great seasons ahead of them. Cool beans!

Season Two of The Fresh Beat Band kicks off this Monday, August 30 only on Nickelodeon. Check listings for time and channel in your area.

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6 thoughts on “The Fresh Beat Band: Season Two Premiere Week!”

  1. I do not like the new Reed. My daughter kept leaving the room during the new episode but used to be entranced with the previous episodes.

  2. I agree…the new Reed isn't as good. And there is something, eh – different, about this new season. It's missing that spark and quirkiness that the first season had that made it work so well together. Season one did so well and these new episodes almost feel lazy, like they were out of ideas and just threw what they could together. There is less emphasis on new choreography/music and so many clips from previous shows. My toddler still loves the show though.

  3. I don't like the new Reed either, just not as entertaining or interesting as English Reed. My toddler still loves this show. I think the old Reed was more animated, and more appealing to toddlers as well as adults.

  4. You are so right – the 2nd season is a real letdown. The songs are just lousy compared to season 1, in which almost every episode (and we’ve seen them all, multiple times) was filled with songs that really grew on you. And bring back the old Reed!! (and banjo 🙂

  5. I do not like the new Reed either I say we bring back the real Reed and get this new guy out of here. It doesn’t seem as good as the first season to my children either who are 2 and 3.

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