Gangland: Season Five – DVD Review

Brutal. Vicious. Dangerous. Deadly. These only a few of the many words that describe the world inhabited by America’s gang culture. Whether they’re Hispanic, White, or Black, bikers, drug dealers, or racists, gangs create a world filled with violence, mayhem, and chaos for both their members and the cities that must deal with them.

The Gangland series from the History Channel is a riveting, shocking, and in-depth look at the myriad gangs that live, work, and play within the United States. The series delves into the history, markings, crimes, characteristics, and worlds of each gang profiled. Former members and current members are interviewed for an inside perspective.

Each gang profiled has its own hierarchy, its own rules, and its own unique ways and methodology when it comes to crime, drugs, and killing. The police officers, lawyers, and other officials interviewed know what they’re up against and know that the problem has continued to grow and expand in the U.S. for decades.

Gangs are present in almost every state, and chapters of some of the most infamous and notorious gangs have spread throughout the states from their home turf. While gang life may seem appealing to some, it is a life filled with violence, death, and prison time. But even within prison walls, gangs have found ways to silence members of their own and other gangs to keep information secret.

Season Five of Gangland offers up eleven more gangs that dot the American landscape. Episodes include: Klan of Killers (Imperial Klans of America); Machete Slaughter (Trinitarios); Blood River (Barrio Aztec); Hustle or Die (4CHs); Gangsta Killers (Top 6); The Death Head (Hells Angels); Circle of Death (The Aryan Circle); Dog Fights (Fresno Bulldogs); Evil Breed (The Breed); Hunt and Kill (Brown Pride); and Deadly Blast (Tango Blast). Each episode is filled with violent images and language that may upset some viewers.

For an inside look at America’s most violent gangs, check out Gangland: Season Five on DVD.

Gangland: Season Five is available August 24, 2010!

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