Elvis on Tour – Blu-ray Review

Elvis. The name is as synonymous with American pop culture as Mickey Mouse, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola. Almost everyone has heard of him, most everyone has heard at least one of his songs. People impersonate him throughout the world; chapels in Las Vegas allow you to get married by a priest dressed like him; and John Stamos’s Uncle Jesse idolized him on the TV series Full House.

It’s been 75 years since Elvis was born, and his legacy continues to inspire, excite, and energize people to this day. The documentary, Elvis on Tour, takes audiences on a journey that many have never experienced with the King of Rock ‘n Roll: a backstage look at life on the road with one of the world’s greatest entertainers.

This amazing film chronicles Elvis Presley on the road during his fifteen day, fifteen city 1972 concert tour. From the very start of this film you can feel the adrenaline rush as Elvis prepares to take the stage with his first number. You get to see the throngs of crazy fans that flocked to see Elvis, screamed as he appeared on stage, and tried to touch him as he passed through crowds at airports, hotels, and other places.

Elvis on Tour delivers some classic Elvis songs that many have heard on the radio, but also several that I had never heard before. You also get to see Elvis perform before a live audience, which many have never seen other than his performances on Ed Sullivan where the censors wouldn’t allow the cameras to film his gyrating hips.

Watching Elvis on-stage also allows you to see the myriad jumpsuits that were designed for his tours. See the King in his classic jumpsuits complete with “metal and rhinestone studding, matching capes and coordinating big-buckle leather belts” (from the booklet).

Aside from the subject of the and his music, the documentary uses clever filmmaking techniques that allow for a split-screen effect at various points. This was done in order to infuse the audience with the energy and excitement present at an Elvis concert. Due to the success of this technique on the film Woodstock (1970), the filmmakers felt it would be a perfect addition to this high-energy music film.

Along with the concert Blu-ray, you also get a great booklet that gives detailed info about the tour, includes still photos, posters, and more. This is a must own collector’s item for fans of Elvis whether you are a casual fan or have a lock of his hair on display in your home.

Elvis on Tour is a fantastic tribute to one of the 20th centuries greatest performers, singers, songwriters, and guitar players. Check it out!

Elvis on Tour is available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray!

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