Operation Flashpoint: Red River Revealed For 2011

Confirmed to be the official sequel to last year’s Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

If, for any reason, you thought that Dragon Rising was too boring a game to get a sequel, then you thought very wrong. Codemasters, who own the copyright to the Operation Flashpoint franchise are working on a sequel to Dragon, and it will be titled ‘Operation Flashpoint: Red River’.

Now that the obvious stuff is out of the way, we know that Red River will be “tighter” and “more focused” than Dragon Rising, according to OXM who have managed to catch a glimpse of the game, presumably after marching and hiding behind bushes for two hours.

No other details have been outed, but it is likely to retain much of what made Dragon Rising special: the focus on realism and simulation, as well as the authenticity of all the material in the game, and of course, the very professional coat on top of it all. I do hope they get rid of the ugly brown in the evenings of the game though, it made me want to sleep in a bush.

Finally, we are left to speculate on what “Red River” can mean. According to a Wikipedia search, we get the Red River campaign during the American Civil War or the Red River Delta in Vietnam, which according to Wiki, was bombed during the Vietnam War.

Since having to deal with a bucket of diseases and spending a minute to reload your gun after every shot is not a very appealing prospect, I’m willing to believe they’re talking about the Vietnamese Red River. If this is so, then we get taken back to the Vietnam War from Dragon Rising’s contemporary setting. Should be interesting – if I recall correctly, the original Operation Flashpoint 2 (the one that got cancelled) was supposed to (partially) take place in Vietnam.

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