Life After People: The Complete Season Two – Blu-ray Review

Imagine a world where no human exists. What would happen to our homes, buildings, schools, pets? How would power plants, rivers, the oceans, and parts of the world change without the presence of the people? Welcome to the world of Life After People.

In this very intriguing, and at times depressing series, Life After People explores the questions asked above in detail. Through the use of computer imagery, interviews with experts, and predictions that go into the thousands of years, the series shows us what the world would be like if mankind up and vanished from the planet.

Now, the series never tells us how humans disappeared. There is no 2012 or The Road apocalyptic scenario explained or even in evidence here. The series takes its cue from the perspective of people just vanishing (poof!). No zombies survive either, I’m afraid.

We then get to witness the natural world claiming its territory once again. Animal populations exploding. Structures eroding, decaying, and crumbling. And art, architecture, and other priceless items becoming food for insects and fodder for the elements.

The series also gives insights into modern day events that have similar characteristics to what will happen once people vanish. Two examples include Chernobyl and the current environment in the city of Picher, Oklahoma. Devastation that will increase exponentially once humans cease to live.

Each episode explores one facet of life after people, taking us from day one into decades, centuries, and even millennia after people have vanished. From Los Angeles, New York, Brazil, and hundreds of other locations known to many, nothing is safe when people are no longer around to protect it. Mother Earth finally gets her home back!

This second season Blu-ray set includes 10 episodes, which include: Wrath of God; Toxic Revenge; Crypt of Civilization; The Last Supper; Home Wrecked Homes; Holiday Hell; Waves of Devastation; Sky’s the Limit; Depths of Destruction; and Take Me to Your Leader.

A great resource for people interested in the future of our planet, Life After People is a chilling reminder that what we leave behind won’t remain how we think it will. It’s only a matter of time before the elements take over and take back what they lost to humans in the first place.

Life After People: The Complete Season Two is available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray!

So, how do you think people will vanish from the planet? Leave a comment and let us know!

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